Easy mj feminizing kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My plant is stretching is that normal?

A. Yes, this is completely normal, We provide a powerful growth hormone with many capabilities,Cell elongation is 1 of them.

Q. Can I save the solution to use at a later date?

A. Yes, it will last indefinitely in its dry form, however once mixed with water it will only last about 2 weeks, which is fine since the process only takes 5 days.

Q.Can I use part of the supplied formula and save some for a later date?

A.No, it must be mixed to an exact strength, which is why we do all the critical measuring for you. Always add the entire amount to 500 milliliter bottled drinking water.

Q.I use reverse osmosis water for my nutrients, can I use that instead of distilled water?

A.Yes, RO water will work the same as everyday bottled water.

Q.Will my pollen be ready in time for my female plant if I start them at the same time?

A. Yes, just as a natural occurrence in nature the pollen will form in time to fertilize your females.

Q.Will my entire female become seeded?

A.No, you may selectively pollinate, apply your pollen to only 1 flower and only that flower will contain seeds.

Q.Will the seeds be ready when the rest of the flowers have ripened?

A.Yes harvest your plant as you usually would and your seeds will be ready.

Q.How long will my seeds last?

A.Seeds can last a few years when stored properly. always keep them dark and dry.

Q.Can I use this product outdoors?

A.It will work outdoors however always use our product responsibly, keep in mind your neighbors may not want to pollinate. Always use our product indoors and keep your pollen to yourself!

Q.if I treat 2 different plants of different strains, can pollinate 1 female with the 2 different pollens.

A.Yes you can actually produce 2 different types of seeds from the same female. Actually you could produce as many different types as you would like from the same female.

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